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I used their cleaning service for approx.two years, with varying results.

When the shower stall wasn't cleaned, I called and complained and their policy states they will come back and clean whatever it is, but they did not offer to do that. Same thing with other parts of the cleaning service not done. After this kept happening, I used to ask for one employee in particular who did a very good job. About two months ago, one of the workers brought down a fan blade and said it had broken off when she cleaned it.

When I called About Maids and asked what they would do about it, no answer was given. I kept calling and the receptionist put me off. The young cleaner came back for another cleaning and said the owner never asked her what happened. After calling repeatedly, the receptionist told me the owner said just that he wouldn't pay for it.

They came back to clean again without calling and I let them clean, but by that time my husband was looking into fixing the blade. When he finally was able to repair it, the kit cost $12.00. The owner finally called me after I told them I didn't want them cleaning for me anymore, but I refused to talk with him. I would have been happy with an apology.

Accidents happen.I've hired a private cleaner.

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I complained to the BBB about "About Maids".The owner answered the complaint by saying the fan had been broken before.

Not true and it isn't as though he was ever in my house and saw it. He called my complaint "Ridiculous". I think anyone who uses them is ridiculous.

There have to be decent cleaning services around.I would call the owner Paul, an *** for the way he runs his "business".

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